Slugs & Snails: Boys in Tights

slugs and snails review

Disclosure: I received this product free for review. All opinions remain my own!

I like to think that I’m ahead of the game as far as innovative baby products are concerned… just too lazy to put my ideas into practice. I’m always seeing new products on the market and, rather than thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, I’m usually thinking, “Cool! Someone else thought of that!”

But when I saw Slugs & Snails tights, specifically made and marketed for little boys, my initial reaction wasn’t either of those… it was “Why would I need those?” And now that I have my hands on them, the thought is: “How did we get through last winter without these?!”

I know, I know, it’s summer and this is not really the most appropriate time to be telling you about tights, but I recommend you make a mental note of these for when the temperature starts dropping.

Why Should Boys Wear Tights?

Last fall and winter, and the one before that in fact, I was always struggling with keeping the little bits warm: belly, wrists, neck and ankles. Ankles were the trickiest: slippers, socks, leg warmers, long underwear… I remember having one pair of little tiny baby pants with feet, and thinking they were genius. I searched for more pairs, I remember asking for them at baby clothes swaps… but it never dawned on me that really, what I was looking for was what all little girls wear: TIGHTS!

Last fall the issue was with rain boots: pants tucked into the boots? pants over the boots? Next fall: TIGHTS! Tights as pants, or tights as an extra layer of warmth under pants… it’s simple and genius.

tights in action

Why Should Boys (and Girls) Wear Slugs & Snails Tights?

I will admit that I am no expert on the selection of tights available for girls (since realistically, tights are only marketed for girls, unless we’re talking male dancers), but Slugs & Snails have boy-friendly designs… since Papas and older boys might be a bit reluctant about the whole boys-in-tights situation (til they see how awesome they are). Of course, girls can wear Slugs & Snails, and they should, because….

  • They are super thick and super soft;
  • They’re made of organic cotton;
  • They have non-slip grip on the feet;
  • They come in gender-neutral prints so brothers and sisters can share;
  • They come in plenty of sizes for a perfect fit, and stretch over fluffy cloth-diaper butts;
  • They’re coming out with a line of adult tights so we can all match!



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