Demystifying Shipping: The Unavoidable Cost of Supporting Small Online Retailers

Demystifying shipping rates

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PayPal Shipping Label Prints Too Small?

PayPal Labels Printing Too Small?


If you’ve encountered problems lately with your PayPal shipping labels, it might be your browser. With Chrome and Firefox, labels are coming out the size of postage stamps. I hate Internet Explorer, but it and Safari (I don’t have a Mac) seem to be the browsers that don’t have this weird bug. If you’ve already purchased the label, don’t stress. Just log in to your PayPal account on IE and re-print the label immediately. You have 48 hours to cancel your label if ever you absolutely cannot get it to print!

Frugal Finds on Facebook


I, like a lot of Moms these days, am constantly online. Breastfeeding at 4 AM? I’m on my iPhone trying to keep myself from falling asleep on the job. Baby’s doing something amazing (or amazing to me)? I’m Instagramming it. And you know what else I’m doing? I’m shopping. Continue reading

Ship with PayPal Shipping — Even if you didn’t sell via PayPal!

How to ship using PayPal Shipping


It seems to be a little-known fact that you can ship items using PayPal even if the transaction didn’t take place using PayPal! I use it to send items that have been paid for using EMT, or to send my donations to Cloth for a Cause. As long as you have a PayPal account, a printer, a scale and a measuring tape, you can save yourself the line up at Canada Post and also save a few dollars, as certain shipping methods are discounted. Continue reading