Post-Partum Pad Party Promotion: Call for sponsors (and bloggers)!

Post Partum Pad Party Invite


As you might know, I’m a recent convert to reusable menstrual products. I’m not pregnant (yet), but I’m already convinced that I’ll be using post-partum cloth pads when the time comes. Since I doubt I’ll have the energy to review and promote post-partum pads when I am post-partum myself, I’ve decided to take advantage of my dear friend Adrienne’s impending delivery… Continue reading


Debest: Naturally-Coloured Cotton Baby Clothes

debest naturally coloured cotton

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Cotton. It’s everywhere, it’s probably the most commonly used fiber for baby clothes and layette. But the cultivation of traditional white cotton accounts for almost a quarter of the world’s pesticide usage according to White cotton is treated with harsh chemicals (such as bleaches, flame retardants and dyes) that have an impact on both the environment and our bodies. Until recently, I had no idea that coloured cotton was something we could grow. I’ve now learned that not only can coloured cotton be cultivated, but that it is easy to grow organically as the plant is more naturally pest resistant, and it does not need to be bleached or dyed at the processing stage. Continue reading

A Healthy Dose of ATTITUDE #ATTITUDElittleones

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
maman loup reviews attitude fabric refresher

I’d been using Attitude products for a while when I saw a news story on how they were making waves with a new “Carcinogen Free” label. “Good for them!” I remember thinking. Is it a sales tactic? Yes. Does it hopefully make consumers pause for a second and consider what ingredients are in their household products? I sure hope so. Continue reading

Unacceptable Levels Documentary Review: learn. think. act.

review of Unacceptable Levels


Everyone approaches the topic of invisible (and sometimes all-too-visible) toxins in our day-to-day lives from a different standpoint. I started learning about toxins in cosmetic products, household products and the food chain within the past decade, and it has taken me until now to implement the myriad changes in my lifestyle that led me to volunteering as a David Suzuki Queen of Green Coach this year. Continue reading

My First Menstrual Cup: Not going back to tampons, period.

Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup Review   Disclosure: I received this product free for review. All opinions and lovely, TMI anecdotes remain my own! If you want to find out how I would rate the Luv Ur Body Menstrual Cup compared to other cups on the market, this is not the review for you. If you want to know the truth about using a menstrual cup since you’ve always been curious but apprehensive, then you’re in the right place. If you’re my best friend’s Dad, whom I recently invited to check out my blog, then Chris— please choose a different post to read! Continue reading

What is the true cost of baby food pouches?

True Cost of Baby Food Pouches

Two things before I launch into this carefully-researched post:

1- This post is in no way sponsored by any re-usable pouch makers! I consulted with some companies while doing my research but this post is not affiliated in any way with any company.

2- This post is not about shaming you for using disposable food pouches! I would like to offer up some food for thought (pun intended) since I think we can all make small changes to our consumer habits that will have a big impact on our planet and our wallets.

Continue reading