5 Maternity Product Names that Make me Cringe

Scary Mommy is one of my favourite “Cub is distracted for five minutes let’s have a cup of tea” reads. Sarcasm might be the lowest form of humour (although I think potty jokes are), but it’s also my favourite!

Scary Mommy’s recent mommy terminology post reminded me of a similar list that’s been floating around my head since getting pregnant:

5 maternity product names

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Understanding the Different Types of Blog Posts at Maman Loup’s Den

decoding different types of blog posts

When I first starting blogging in October, 2012, it was most definitely just a BLOBBY. (That’s my word for Blog as a Hobby. Let’s make it a thing… 2015 Oxford Dictionary, here we come!) I have this really overactive brain and when I have an idea, I feel compelled to share it with anyone who will listen. In order to spare my immediate entourage, and thanks to a ridiculously easygoing newborn, I started BLOBBYING in my spare time. (Yes, it shall also be a verb.)

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