Wet Bags & Pail Liners

Grandmaman Loup makes 4 standard-size wet bags and can also make one to your exact specifications, if required. Fill out this form for a custom wet bag/pail liner, and we will reply to you with the exact cost.

Example pail sizes

Choice of PUL fabric

Tips on choosing a diaper pail

How to order

Standard sizes of Grandmaman Loup’s Wet Bags & Pail Liners

Prices shown do not include shipping. Shipping is $2 for wet bags and $3 for pail liners. We will combine orders to save on shipping.

Micro May, $6

Micro May Wet Bag

Micro May Wet Bag

5.75″ x 6″ with zip closure and strap.

Great for mommy cloth, nursing pads, wipes, etc.

Hipster Heather, $13

Hipster Heather Wet Bag

Hipster Heather Wet Bag

11″ x 13″ with zip closure and strap.

Great for the diaper bag.

Just Julia, $16

Just Julia Wet Bag

Just Julia Wet Bag

16″ x 12″ with zip closure and strap.

Great for multiple bums in cloth, day care or an overnight. Extra-wide zip opening for easy stuffing. 

Absolutely Amanda, $22


Absolutely Amanda Pail Liner/Tote

Fits up to 42.5″ pail circumference, 17″ deep. Drawstring with toggle closure.

A pail liner for an average sized pail or a tote for dirty diapers or laundry when travelling. Hanging strap (if you don’t use a pail) available upon request for $1 more.

Likewise Lindsay, $25

Likewise Lindsay Pail Liner

Likewise Lindsay Pail Liner

Fits up to 48″ pail circumference, 27″ deep.  Drawstring with toggle closure.

A pail liner for a large diaper pail or a tote for dirty diapers or laundry on longer trips. Hanging strap (if you don’t use a pail) available upon request for $1 more.

PUL Choices

Diaper Pail Examples


Pail A: Circumference of 32 “, 13” deep (Fits “Absolutely Amanda”)

Pail B: Circumference of 39.5″, 15″ deep (Fits “Absolutely Amanda”)

Pail C: Opening of 56″, 18″ deep (Fits “Likewise Lindsay”)

Pail D: Opening of 42.5″, 15″ deep (Fits “Absolutely Amanda”)

Here's the Likewise Lindsay Pail Liner in Action

Here’s the Likewise Lindsay Pail Liner in Action

Absolutely Amanda Pail Liner ITP (in the pail?!)

Absolutely Amanda Pail Liner in action

Considerations when choosing a diaper pail:

First of all, you definitely want to use a pail liner when using a diaper pail. If you just drop the dirty diapers straight into your pail, you will end up having to wash out your pail every time you do laundry. Buy two pail liners and all you do on laundry day is pull the full liner out, throw it and its contents into the wash, and put the fresh liner into the pail.

The pail I use is Pail C. I like it because it’s very deep (and therefore never overflows) and because it has a little recipient on the lid for a filter, allowing the diapers to breathe. (You get less stink if the pail is not airtight.) I don’t actually buy the diaper pail filters that are sold for this type of pail. I either cut up compost pail filters (found at Walmart) to fit in the opening or use a piece of fabric with some drops of tea tree oil on it. Pail D is a smaller version of Pail C and is probably the most common style of pail specifically made for cloth diapers that I’ve come across. Pail A is more like a bucket and holds very few diapers, but it is also one I see pretty often. If space is at a premium, consider a hanging pail (just ask, Grandmaman Loup can turn your pail liner into a hanging wet bag) or even a kitchen garbage can that is narrower in shape. I love the idea of a pedal to open the lid of the pail, so a garbage can is a great solution. However, it is best to somehow block the lid of the pail so that it doesn’t shut tight, again, allowing your diapers to breathe reduces stink.

You definitely don’t have to get a pail that is specifically marketed for diapering. Pail B is a great size and is sold at Walmart for $8. (Again, you’ll just want to leave the lid slightly ajar.) Also try your local Kijiji or Craigslist for a second-hand pail for cheap!

As far as deodorizing your pail goes, no need to buy fancy powders or sprinkles: just add some baking soda to the bottom of your pail (before putting in your pail liner) or even put a few drops of your favourite essential oil onto a couple cotton balls and leave those at the bottom of your pail.

Order Your Wet Bag!

Let use know which one you want and which print, and you can pay via PayPal or EMT.

Contact us either using the form below or via private message on our Facebook page.


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