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Post Partum Pad Party Invite


As you might know, I’m a recent convert to reusable menstrual products. I’m not pregnant (yet), but I’m already convinced that I’ll be using post-partum cloth pads when the time comes. Since I doubt I’ll have the energy to review and promote post-partum pads when I am post-partum myself, I’ve decided to take advantage of my dear friend Adrienne’s impending delivery… Continue reading


Janine’s Place Ultra Thin Liners: Affordable Luxury!

Janine from Janine’s Place was one of the first WAHMs that I got to know when I started Maman Loup’s Den, during my Overnight Wool Period (you know, like Picasso’s Blue Period). Janine made Wolf Cub an upcycled wool soaker and a pair of longies to go on top of his overnight diapers. I’m currently in my Night Time Flip Insert Period, but that doesn’t mean I love my Janine woollies any less!


Fact: Janine has never touched a real sheep.

Since “meeting” Janine (I use air quotations there because, well, we’ve never technically met), I’ve converted to what’s affectionately known as “Mommy Cloth” as a replacement for disposable panty liners. (I go into gorier detail here.) At the same time, Janine was expanding her sewing repertoire to include reusable pads. (She also does cloth diapers for dolls and slippers for the whole family!) I’ve tried two of Janine’s designs so far, one with a waterproof layer and one without:


Fleece backed for heavier flow.


Ultra Thin Liners for every day use!

Since I’m still awaiting the return of my rag (I’d like to thank my best friend since Grade 8, Caitlin, for introducing me to that euphemism for menstruation), I only really need a light liner for daily use. The fleece-backed rainbow pads are a touch thick for every day use, however, I do use them in my regular rotation because I find them quite comfortable now that I’m used to them.

Janine’s latest design without the fleece backing is very thin and light: perfect for every day. The are made from two layers of organic bamboo velour with one layer of cotton in between, 6 1/2″ long and 2 1/2″ across when snapped. The design I’ve been using is her prototype. One option she now offers is a second snap to the wings for a more adjustable fit. Being able to snap the liner around my panties a bit tighter will no doubt help keep the liner better in place. As with all cloth liners I’ve tried, the style and material of underwear you pair them with makes a difference on how well the liners stay put. The more slippery the underwear fabric, the more your pad moves around. I am wondering if I should get snaps put into the crotch of all of my underwear so I can just snap my mama cloth in. You heard it here first, folks, the sexiest thing to happen to women’s underwear since lace!

Overall, my preference for liners so far is ones that are contoured (a similar shape to Always panty liners), as I find them the most comfortable. However, among the diamond-shaped liners I’ve tried, Janine’s are my favourites!

My previous cloth liner review was for a brand that uses hemp as the “stay dry” layer. Janine uses organic bamboo velour. I really like both, but OBV is definitely the most luxurious feeling! (If feminine hygiene products can be considered luxurious…) If you’ve ever coveted your little one’s TotsBots Easy Fits and their cuddly minky inners, you will love Janine’s Place’s liners!

I honestly believed that by switching to reusable cloth I was going to be sacrificing comfort and convenience. I’m as surprised as anyone to discover that this is not true. I have actually come to prefer using my bamboo and hemp liners over disposable liners: the rare times that I return to disposables, I am shocked to realize that I actual feel dampness. With my cloth liners made with bamboo and hemp, I don’t! Even away from home, I’d rather bring my cloth.

Aside from being light and thin, the other advantage to Janine’s liners is their affordability: $4.50 per liner plus letter mail shipping. You can get yourself a set for under $50 (depending how many you’d like in your stash) and never have to buy disposable liners again!

About Janine: Janine is a Woodstock-based Mama to a toddler and a brood of hens. Besides running Janine’s Place, she is also a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner helping clients both locally and via Skype achieve their health goals and answering my random nutrition questions via Facebook messenger.

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