Post-Partum Pad Party Promotion: Call for sponsors (and bloggers)!

Post Partum Pad Party Invite


As you might know, I’m a recent convert to reusable menstrual products. I’m not pregnant (yet), but I’m already convinced that I’ll be using post-partum cloth pads when the time comes. Since I doubt I’ll have the energy to review and promote post-partum pads when I am post-partum myself, I’ve decided to take advantage of my dear friend Adrienne’s impending delivery… Continue reading


Janine’s Place Overnight Pads Review

Janine's Place Overnight Pads Review


I purchased the pads for this review as testers from Janine’s Place.

I’ve been a customer of Janine since she first starting out doing upcycled woolies. I’ve watched her WAHM business expand to include adorable teethers, doll diapers and now carefully designed and tested cloth pads. Continue reading

Occupied Mind Creations Reusable Liner Review

Some things, no matter how hard you try, cannot be done elegantly: picking food out of your teeth; digging for gold in your nose… dislodging  a wedgie.

While men and boys might be more likely to give one another wedgies on purpose, women find themselves trying desperately to choose products that will keep their cracks free of twisted bunches of fabric that must be unceremoniously removed when no one is looking.

Let’s face it: men aren’t embarrassed  to make “adjustments” downstairs as required. I think I speak for all women when I say that a good day is one where we have not had to consider what’s going on below our belts. Put more plainly: no panty lines, no bunching, no wedgies, no leaks, no curled up pads with the adhesive stuck in all the wrong places and no pads turned upside down.

Here’s my most ringing endorsement of Occupied Mind Creations reusable pads:

I forget I’m even wearing them.


Here’s my tester trio!

Alicia’s liners are comprised of a top layer of cotton, flannel or velour, 1 inner layer of flannel, and one backing layer of polyester fleece. Liners are $7 each and are available individually or in sets. These would be best for daily use (me!), back up for a cup or tampon or for light bladder leakage. My testers were flannel and cotton topped, but from my experience with other brands, I prefer the stay-dry feel of velour. (But cotton and flannel come in cuter prints!)

Since I wear a liner every day, I am extremely picky about comfort. My stash is expanding and I have certain liners that I always choose when I’m leaving the house (so as to avoid having to make *ahem* adjustments in the middle of the super market). Alicia’s designs are at the top of the pile. The liner hugs my underwear perfectly: I can put it on an forget about it.

The two sets of snaps allow you to adjust according to your size. I’m a skinny minnie and find some pads leave me walking bow-legged (and I’m already slightly pigeon toed… so…. it ain’t pretty) because they’re too wide.

Alicia also makes regular pads, heavy pads and super heavy/post partum pads. You can find out all about them on her Hyena Cart page!

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse at some of the beautiful creations coming from Alicia’s very Occupied Mind!


Alicia is a WAHM based out of her faux-wood paneled Dryden, Ontario basement. Besides sewing, she also sells baked goods at her local farmer’s market. She is Mom to three boys under the age of 6. You can connect with her via…

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