Cloth Diaper Community Activism

Maman Loup is dedicated to getting families of all incomes into cloth diapers. Cloth is good for the environment, good for babies, and good for the bank account.

I am also committed to promoting business local to me, such as Bummis and Öko Créations: two Quebec-based companies making ethical and ecological products for Moms and babies. I was interviewed in 2013 as part of a CBC Montréal feature on Betsy Thomas, one of Bummis’ founders.

I support Cloth for a Cause (CFAC) with donations of diapers and cash. Cloth for a Cause provides families in need with cloth diapers, with chapters all over the country. I donate a portion of all sales to CFAC and send diapers that need a bit of TLC to the lovely Mamas at CFAC branches across the country to spruce up and re-home.

In the long term, I would like to help open a CFAC chapter here in Montréal.

I am (slowly) spearheading a campaign to bring a cloth diaper subsidy to Montréal and to help parents in other cities to do the same. Currently there is a Montréal Cloth Diaper Subsidy Facebook page and a Facebook group for Canadian parents interested in sharing ideas on how to get subsidies approved in their respective regions (Cloth Diaper Subsidy Collaboration Club).

This year I am a volunteer organizer for the Great Cloth Diaper Change, taking place at Boutique  Bummis on April 26. (Click the link on the side bar to register.)

I was recently featured in an article about cloth diaper subsidies in the Montréal Gazette. Unfortunately the article is no longer available on their website, but, I promise, it was great!

You can also listen to my recent interview on CBC Day Break, where I call out municipal politicians for ignoring my requests for information on their campaign platforms.

Though not directly related to cloth diapers, I am a 2014 David Suzuki’s Queen of Green Coach, helping local families achieve their green-living goals!


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Find out if your region of Québec has a subsidy (French only):  Subvention couches lavables

New! The Ville-Marie borough now offers a subsidy of $180! (French only)



2 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Community Activism

  1. The city of Longueuil has a $100 subsidy which I am totally registering for! I’ll put that money right into my daughter’s RESP!

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